Mission & Vision

The Rusty Anvil is an educational organization reconnecting BIPOC to nature through mindful wilderness trips and workshops while serving as a platform for cultural transformation. 

The intention of this organization is to bring people of color together  in the backcountry to learn, connect, and rest. Participants learn the basics backpacking, camping, and ancestral living skills in a space that is non-competitive while engaged in a community centered around collective accountability. The goal of our programs are not based on the need to overwork our bodies to reach the highest summit or clock major miles, but to find the spaciousness for stillness and connection to the elements and each other. Our vision is to transform what outdoor culture looks like and serve as a platform for authentic and intimate connection to land for people of color. 

Philosophy & Values

  • Finding Ourselves in Nature

  As marginalized individuals we are constantly navigating social constructs that tell us who we are and what we are worth.  In nature there is no one to tell us who and how to be. The natural world provides space for us to simply BE, and to find those answers for ourselves while offering mirrors for reflection along the way. 

  • Supportive Outdoor Community

 Spending time in nature with people that make you feel seen, validated, and safe is one of the most important pieces to our collective liberation. When we work together in the backcountry we weave together relationships that are strengthened by accountability.

  • Showing Up As We Are

 We are all walking the path towards a deeper relationship with the land. As people of color a lot can come up in the process. There can be fear, feelings of shame for not knowing, and so many other complex and often confusing feelings. You are invited to show up as you are comfortable in all of your unknowings, fears, and questions, and we will navigate the terrain together. 

  • Respect for First Nations and All Living Beings

Based out of Mohican and Pocumtuc land, we honor the Indigenous communities who came before us.


Building a relationship of intimacy with the natural world is an important part of our work, and it is a foundational way to honor the Indigenous stewards of the land. We encourage an awareness and respect for all living beings in all that we do. We would not be here today if it were not for the Indigenous communities who held these lands in sacred health. 

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