Meet Your Guides 


Raei Bridges (they/them)
Founder & Lead Guide

I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in California and always sought out ways to deepen my connection to nature. As a child, I could be found playing in the mud, climbing trees, and observing insects in any way that was accessible to me. Now, I am the founder of the Rusty Anvil,  a wilderness first responder, a Kripalu mindful outdoor guide, and work as an outdoor instructor at Flying Deer Nature Center. I enjoy carving spoons, tracking wildlife, birthing friction fires. skinning and hide tanning, wildcrafting, and finding radical rest in the forest. 

"My journey of coming back into relationship with the land has been liberating in so many ways. I have learned  how to trust my body to carry me not just through the landscape, but throughout all of life's paths. I have learned about deep connection in moments of divine guidance, and challenged myself through fear. My intention is to provide a space for people of color to do the same as they step into the unknown of the backcountry with trust in themselves. I aim to serve as a midwife for folks to learn skills that can make them feel confident in crossing the threshold into wild spaces and to provide a safe, fun, and adventurous environment that supports in bridging the gap.


Razz Cacho (they/them)
Co-guide and logistics

I'm a queer & trans, spoonie living on Nipmuc and Pocumtuc land in Western Massachusetts where I have been building community for the past 8 years. For the past two years, I have been practicing bioregional herbalism. I love learning about the plants being around us, as well as learning other ancestral skills like making cordage out of nettles, or carving spoons out of pine. I work as a carpenter's apprentice, and was recently trained as a conflict mediator. Learning skills surrounding conflict transformation work is another passion of mine. I enjoy karaoke, playing board games, being outdoors, doing pyrography and reading sci-fi and fantasy books. 

"As a leader, I am really aiming to create a patient, abundant, joyful, safe, and  conscious space for people. A space for other BIPOC to explore their relationship and deepen their connection to the land and other beings on the the trip. I also hope to share how my ancestors have lived alongside the land and encourage others to share, or even just explore, their own stories and magic".