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Meet Your Guides 

Raei Bridges (they/them)
Founder | Trip Logistics | Gu


I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in California and always sought out ways to deepen my connection to nature. As a child, I could be found playing in the mud, climbing trees, and racing snails.

My connection to nature has always been a part of learning about myself and my gifts. The land has been with me when I came out, with me when I've cried and shed dead weight, with me in times when I've reclaimed my power, in times of radiant joy and play, and in times of deep transformation and self-realization. 

My hope is that by introducing ancestral skills to BIPOC folks will serve as a catalyst for deepening their connection at home.

Disha Patel (she/they)
Trip Logistics & Guide


Disha [they/she] is a genderqueer femme based in Jamaica Plain, MA who believes in the transformative power of community, the outdoors & snacks. They are a caregiver, network weaver, creative, workshop facilitator, ancestral cook, and urban farmer.

They find peace working with their hands, laughing with chosen community, backpacking in the woods, and being in close relationships with fire and fragrant night-blooming plants.




They are on a spiritual, healing journey that looks like moving into right relationship with themselves, the land, and other humans & more than human beings. They are embracing the mystery that comes with surrendering, and this bio, like them, is a continual work in progress - ever-flowing, changing and growing. 

They can be reached @memoirsofadisha 

Gopi Donald Shelton (He/they)
Trip Logistics & Guide


I've chosen to live close in with the Spirit of Wild things.

Wild Nature practices profound openness that embraces our whole selves. Wild nature carries no systemic oppression towards any being. What we may find, with interest in wild nature is an amazing opportunity to participate and co-create with our beloved forest kin, myriad relationships of care, communion, mutual support and learning. With intention we can carry these sensibilities of personal and communal relationship care into our lives outside the forest realm into daily lives that may be beyond the forest.

I've supported my nature practices as a wood worker, carpenter, wilderness guide, youth education advocate, massage therapist, homesteader, food producer and forest protector. I'm one of the co-founders the Julius Ford Harriet Tubman Healthy Living community of Western Massachusetts - which has brought together BIPOC youth for summer forest immersion since 2007. I look forward to growing with beloved community through journeys w Rusty Anvil this season of Warmth and outrageous outpouring of love from our blessed brother Sun and under the sacred dreamtime embrace of Mamma Luna.

Gopi Krishna - Gopi Donald Shelton lives in a hand built house with his partner and daughter in the woods of Western Massachusetts. Nipmuck, Pocumtuck, Mohican homelands.

Guest Facilitators

Jes Clark (they/them)
Basket weaving Campout 2023

Jes Clark.jpg

Jes Clark (they/them) is the farmer and weaver at Willow Vale Farm in Stanfordville, NY. Jes weaves traditional and contemporary functional pieces and the basket forms created are a result of their conversation with each stick of willow. All of their willow is grown without pesticides using regenerative practices and with loving care.

Jes has been teaching weaving just since 2018 but has taught hundreds of students ranging from absolute beginners to experienced weavers looking to refine their craft. They have taught at the Stowe Basketry Festival, for the Northeast Basketmakers Guild, at the New York Botanical Garden just to name a few, and also privately in one-on-one tutorials.

kyana Ferro (they/she/Ky)
Ancestral Herbalism Campout 2023


kyana (ky/they/she) is an earth worker, community herbalist, and doula born and raised on Nipmuc land, where they currently reside. kyana organizes and facilitates spaces for qtbipoc to intentionally connect with the land to heal and grow awareness of their connection to nature.


kyana is committed to building a future where black and indigenous communities have access to healing on the land, in community and decentralized from the current oppressive systems. they enjoy spending time by rivers and creeks with their puppy, shitty reality tv, sitting by the fire with friends, baking & reading scifi (rereading octavia). 

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