Meet Your Guide : Raei bridges

Mindful Outdoor Guide

 Pronouns: he/They

Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles left me with limited access to large green spaces. I spent my time playing in trees in the backyard or skateboarding around town, but I never realized that there was an entire natural world beyond my safe suburban lifestyle ready to teach me more than I ever knew about myself.  In the city I had many distractions to keep my focus.

In 2016 I had the experience of spending 10 days in the Colorado Back country in the White River National Forest. During this time I went through a rite of passage dedicated to rebuilding my relationship to nature, and finding  authentic wisdom in my identity.

Colorado was a pivotal point in my relationship to place both within myself and the natural world. Yet in this space I soon realized that I was the only person of color, and the experiences and knowledge of my cohort could not apply to my urban upbringing.

This experience is the foundation of why The Rusty Anvil was founded. With this organization, I intend to reconnect folks to nature who grew up in spaces where nature was not the standard, or simply be a platform for folks to deepen their relationship to land as I am doing everyday.  This non-linear journey of healing and connecting to nature doesn't have to be done alone, or done in spaces that don't make you feel safe and welcomed. 

I've had my fair share. 


Through this organization I aim to build a supportive outdoor community that connects folks both on and off the trail, and to be a safe and continoulsy evolving platform where we can grow, heal, and explore together.  

with gratitude,

Raei Bridges

Founder and Lead Guide

  • Wilderness First Responder

  • Certified Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide

  • Co-chair Environmental Justice Board, NAACP

  • Instructor Intern with Flying Deer Nature Center