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 reconnecting marginalized communities to their place within the natural world through mindful wilderness trips and place-based skills while serving as a platform for cultural transformation.

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We aim to build a supportive outdoor community through mindful wilderness trips and place-based skills that provide space for self-reflection and healing, intimacy with nature, and conscious environmental stewardship for people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals.Through both an Eco-psychological lens and a framework of forest bathing, The Rusty Anvil encourages marginalized folks to find both their authentic selves and their ability to be powerful environmental stewards of transformation. We encourage spaces that build a foundation of mindfulness and intimacy with both our inner and outer landscapes.

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Forest bathing Immersions for POC and LGBTQ+


Spend 4 days and 3 nights in the backcountry and reclaim your place in the natural world. Join guide Raei Bridges for a wilderness trip that will offer time to reflect and re-ground through meditation, mindful movement, practices in solitude, and community activities. There will be time for discussions around race, gender, class, identity, mental health, and reclaiming time and place. In addition, you will learn various naturalist skills that empower you to deepen your relationship with the natural world, and take your own wilderness trips in confidence.

These immersions serve as an opportunity to cross the threshold into reclaiming your ancestral relationship to the natural world in ways that empower you to find your strength as a person of color and LGBTQ+ individual. 

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