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 reconnecting marginalized communities to their place within the natural world through mindful wilderness trips and place-based skills while serving as a platform for cultural transformation.

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We aim to build a supportive outdoor community through mindful wilderness trips and place-based skills that provide space for self-reflection and healing, intimacy with nature, and conscious environmental stewardship for people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and low-income families.  Through both an Eco-psychological lens and a framework of forest bathing, The Rusty Anvil encourages marginalized folks to find both their authentic selves and their ability to be powerful environmental stewards of transformation. We encourage spaces that build a foundation of mindfulness and intimacy with both our inner and outer landscapes.

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Mindful Morel Foraging

Tap into your ancestral senses while you forage for morel mushrooms through mindfulness and meditative movement.

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