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reconnecting BIPOC to nature through mindful wilderness trips and ancestral skills workshops

I looked at my hands, to see if I was the same person now that I was free. There was such a glory over everything the sun came like gold through the trees, and over de fields, and I felt like I was in heaven.

Harriet Tubman

Support the BIPOC Forest Bathing Immersion


The BIPOC Forest Bathing immersion is for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the Northeast to connect to wild spaces through mindfulness practices and backcountry skills. By the end of this 4-day program participants will know how to pack a backpacking pack, set up a tent, identify trees and plants, and start fires with a flint and steel. Our time together is woven by intentional conversation and movement through a playful awareness. 


Our intention is to provide a space for Black, Indigenous, & People of Color to comfortably connect to nature and discover knew parts of themselves.


"My experience at the immersion was life changing. I left our little group of folks feeling so whole, seen, and uplifted. This includes all the beings we met on our journey. I am so thankful and deeply excited that this space is offered to BIPOC folks, and queer kin. We all came in as strangers, and I felt by the end that there was a deep knowing within and around each of us".

Jax, May 2021 BIPOC Forest Immersion

I felt a closeness with nature that I've never experienced before. I felt safe and supported the entire time, while also given freedom to reflect whenever I felt called to.

David Morgan, June 2021 BIPOC Forest Immersion

"This immersion is what you need if you want to ground yourself with other BIPOC individuals in a safe environment. I learned so much about hiking, nature and myself on this immersion and beyond grateful for the experience".

Zsameria, May 2021 BIPOC Forest Immersion

"From the very start it felt like a safe and supportive space. There was never any pressure to do more than what felt right for my body or push through any discomfort".

Anonymous, Jan 2022 BIPOC Friction Fire workshop

"Harvesting the wood. Resourcing materials and making it accessible for folks who might not have materials. The storytelling round the origins of the fire making twas cool".

Anonymous, Jan 2022 BIPOC Friction Fire workshop

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