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The Rusty Anvil

 reconnecting marginalized communities to their place within the natural world through mindful wilderness trips and place-based skills while serving as a platform for cultural transformation.

Support and Donate

The Rusty Anvil is focused on building intimate relationships with nature that empowers marginalized individuals to actively engage in environmental action while collaboratively working towards healing ancestral-based trauma and reshaping the way we connect to the natural world.


In order to ensure that The Rusty Anvil can provide our community with the resources and support needed to engage in environmental action,  outdoor education, and conscious everyday environmental stewardship, we need your support.

Donate to the Rusty Anvil or drop off your used gear and help support the movement towards stronger, healthier, more collaborative communities and environments.

Vernal Pool Study Group

Learn about vernal pools, the beings that call them home, and how we can protect them through the National Heritage and Endangered Species Program

Mindful Morel Foraging

Tap into your ancestral senses while you forage for morel mushrooms through mindfulness and meditative movement.